What Would Happen to Our Brain and Body if We Didn’t Sleep

Posted by Clicker Jimji on November 16, 2015

So, sleeping is healthy. But how can this be healthy when our body would just lie in bed, close our eyes, doing absolutely nothing, and rest? Exactly, that’s the perfect way to give your body and brain a break.

Imagine a car without its engine, that vehicle won’t even start. Just like our body, it needs the brain to get going. If you let the car’s engine running nonstop until it gets exhausted, that could get overheat. Just like our body, if you keep pushing without getting a sleep, you will end up worn-out. Our body parts cooperate with the brain. It’s the brain that sends signal to our body to do its purpose. Without it, nothing else will lead our body.

This video will carefully explain what will happen to our body if we didn’t sleep. You deserve to know this.

(Video courtesy of TED-Ed via Youtube)

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