Watch How Strangers React to this Dropping Toy Prank, It’s Awkward and Funny Both at the Same Time

Posted by Clicker Dane on January 18, 2016

When someone suddenly drops a whole suitcase full of sex toys on the sidewalk with passersby, would you help him out? Ahmmm, we will surely have second thoughts.

Watch the priceless reactions on this hilarious prank by Whatever. These experienced pranksters were walking around, with suitcases “accidentally” dropped and opened and surprised a lot of folks with huge collection of sex toys and porn. Few just ignored it while others sincerely helped. And most of them erupted into laughter, can’t really blame them though.

Pranks are supposed to be harmless and funny and this is definitely a simple one that gives a super awkward moment that you can just laugh it out loud.

(Video courtesy of whatever via Youtube)

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