Warning: Watching this Video Will Result in Seeing Butts; Jingle Butts

Posted by Clicker Jimji on December 6, 2015

Jingle butts, jingle butts, jingle all the way! What happened to jingle bells?

How ironic to make a cheeky, holiday-themed video in support of Colon Cancer Canada. A Toronto-based creative company teamed up with Jorge Perez, a world-renowned Spanish percussionist from the jazz-fusion band PATAX to create a video for a cause.

It’s either funny or naughty but whether you enjoy this unusual video or not, don’t worry, just by clicking to watch it you might have already contributed to the team’s donation for Colon Cancer Canada. It would be a merrier Christmas season to them.

(Video courtesy of Zulu Alpha Kilo via Youtube)


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