Viral Video: A Little Girl’s Reaction After Finding Out Adam Levine Got Married

Posted by Clicker Katrin on January 18, 2016

“Honey, you just got yourself into deep deep trouble.” And I’m not talking about Mila, the little girl in the video, but on Adam Levine himself. Another heart, not to mention at a tender age, broken after knowing that Adam got married.

I’m not entirely sure with the details but it seems like this young girl is pretty much devastated after finding out that Adam got married. Either she wants her mom to marry the singer or she wants him for herself.

I guess it’s the latter, this young girl landed a guesting on Ellen’s Show after her video went viral. But before all that, here’s her reaction after finding out Adam Levine got married.

(Video courtesy of Veronica 234 via Youtube)

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