Unbelievable: This Hair Dresser is Cutting Hair with a Sword

Posted by Clicker Jimji on December 8, 2015

Edward Scissorhands was gifted he was good in trimming and shaping our garden’s bushes. But that was just a fantasy.

Alberto Olmedo from Madrid, Spain is also as gifted as Edward when it comes to trimming and cutting. But only Alberto expresses it through our hair with a real sword and other primitive tools to equally cut hair on both sides. That sounds too medieval but that’s just how he does it.

And he also uses fire to burn hair to shape it perfectly. I can now smell the burning hair just by watching this video.

(Video courtesy of AJ+ via Facebook)

Cutting Hair with Swords

Ditch the scissors and get your hair cut with swords by the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

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