This Quick and Simple Trick to Calm a Crying Baby is a Must Try

Posted by Clicker Dane on December 3, 2015

One has kept a secret, an answer to a common dilemma all along. Where have you been Dr.Hamilton?

Dr.Robert Hamilton, a veteran pediatrician of 30years introduced a very simple way to stop babies crying. And that is to give them a little shake.

That’s correct, no strangling needed, just wiggle them a bit to calm them. The steps are simple: lift up the baby carefully, place your right hand under the butt and gently folds the baby’s arm across the chest. And rock it at 45degrees angle and wiggle the infants behind until they stop crying. Twerking is a blessing in disguise!

Try this trick and share this video to your friends if you find it effective.

(Video courtesy of Robert Hamilton via Youtube)

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