This Proposal Might Be The BEST One Yet

Posted by Clicker Katrin on January 20, 2016

This proposal might be the best one yet.. Or not. Despite the freezing breeze, we just have to be downright honest here, everything in this video went down really fast. I can imagine the horror of me to be looking at my mom face-planted right before a supposed-to-be-important event in my life.

Mommy Eva, the one who tripped off, will never want to take the limelight from her daughter. I mean who wants that for their kids, right? But her honest fall didn’t stop Eva from just giving her child a happily-ever-after kind of proposal. I just wish her kids helped her right away though. I really felt sorry for mommy Eva and her family.

We can’t really tell, maybe this is already a norm to families these days. So kids, let this be a reminder to honor our parents. No matter what. I believe we can HONOR our parents and can still have the BEST proposal in our lives.

(Video courtesy of Bridgett Clark via Youtube)

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