This Little Girl Is Really Good At Excuses, You Can’t Help But Believe In Her

Posted by Clicker Katrin on February 3, 2016

If you can remember the viral video of a little girl that said, “You don’t call me a princess, daddy.” Well that little girl there is the same little diva that you’re about to watch. Yep, she’s a diva but in her own cute little way.

Joanna Lomelino, or simply called JoJo, is very good with making up excuses at such a young age. You can’t help but laugh at her convincing talks. In this new video of hers, she explains why she can’t sing the ABC song. Will she get away this time?

If all little girls are like JoJo, we can’t help but laugh at their cuteness but also discipline them with grace of course. A pretty smart little girl like JoJo will surely grow up to be sneakingly witty.

(Video courtesy of JoJo Lomelino via Youtube)

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