This Kitten Unbelievably Lives After Being Frozen

Posted by Clicker Katrin on January 25, 2016

It was on Thanksgiving morning that the Bingham family rescued a frozen cat that they thought was already dead. Thanks to Branden’s oldest son who stumbled upon the poor kitten that was buried under the snow.

Branden Bingham’s brother immediately scooped up the frozen kitten to check if it’s still alive and luckily had the chance to perform a CPR to the seemingly dead cat. It wasn’t just a normal winter morning to Branden Bingham’s family and what great way to witness it on a video that’s captured by their GoPro. These kinds of memorable moments that are caught on cam are what keeps action camera companies going.

Witness for yourself how this family patiently waited and never lost hope for the kitten. With patience and persistence, we can also hope for a miracle to happen in our lives. Never lose hope.

(Video courtesy of GoPro via Youtube)

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