This Guy Is Hilarious To Try DIY Frozen Pants!

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 13, 2016

This guy is definitely hilarious to try out a human DIY frozen pants! As frozen pants stormed the other parts of the world with snow, frozen pants are the new winter snowman.. Or snowpants for that matter.

Doing a dare of man vs pin, will man win in this game of having to brave in the winter cold with wet pants on? For how long? See for yourself if he makes it or not.

Coming from a tropical country, I can’t even stand 12 degrees celsius without proper clothing to keep me warm! And to even dare me to go out there in the freezing cold with wet clothing would be the death of me. Would you even try this out? The product looks cool though, but I would likely use a mannequin anytime.

(Video courtesy of ThreadBanger via Youtube)

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