This Girl Plots to Sell Her Brother for a Toy and She Has a Perfect Plan

Posted by Clicker Dane on November 15, 2015

This young kid is definitely business minded.

She has a perfect laid out plan! This genius young girl named Rachel suggested to sell her little brother to the pet store so she can buy a toy owl and just buy him back at a discounted price. It is very funny that this is like a well thought plan when she was deciding a possible price for her brother, from a dollar or two to a higher price $54 so she can afford the toy. The younger brother Jason seem to be supportive or just don’t care as he agrees with the plan. Or he was sold out to her sister’s promise saying “We’re gonna get you back, okay? Don’t worry!”

The video description in Youtube says this is Rachel’s easy way out to buy toy owl. This is indeed smart and evil, but with the pure innocence, we cant help to adore Rachel.

(Video courtesy of berge95 via Youtube)

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