This Carving of Printing Blocks Shows Us How Amazing the Ability of Craftsmen Are

Posted by Clicker Jimji on March 17, 2016

When we got tired of the step-by-step tradition of manufacturing products, people invented machines or gadgets or power tools just to get things easier to make and faster to complete. And then, the world is amazed with that certain kind of technology.

Years passed, decades have gone by, we forget about the manual way of producing things, and then those equipments that used to amaze us has already become common and normal.

Until one day we learned that some companies still perform the traditional, step-by-step, manual way of making products, and that just amazes us, reminding us of the remarkable skills and ability of the human hands. Just like these craftspeople meticulously carved printing blocks.

(Video courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum via YouTube)

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