This 7-Year-Old Kid Performs National Anthem Ignoring Hiccups; The Outcome was an Unforgettable Moment for Everyone

Posted by Clicker Jimji on November 30, 2015

This is totally hilarious and insanely cute! Ethan Hall is just a seven-year-old kid and he’s performing Australia’s National Anthem for the country’s Baseball League at a match between Adelaide and Brisbane on November 20, 2015.

Although he was going through a bad case of hiccups while singing the national anthem, he didn’t let this stop him but courageously completed his performance instead. Other kids at his age must have walked out or ran away from a potential embarrassing moment. But turned out Ethan received a big round of applause.

He just did a very memorable Australian national anthem for taking a lot of guts.

(Video courtesy of via Youtube)

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