Teen sets New World Record for Solving Rubiks Cube and its Insanely Hard to Beat

Posted by Clicker Dane on November 26, 2015

While most people are not getting the way how it’s done, some are just too gifted for this too! Talking about natural gift and talent, 14year old teen, Lucas Etter, sets new world record for solving 3×3 Rubiks cube in 4.904 seconds. World Cube Association and Guiness World Records verified the achievement and posted official announcements too.

For this competition, the cubes used are being shuffled by computer differently. 15seconds will be given to the player then to examine the cube and plan a strategy. Yes, 15seconds. Can you do it?

Watch the video closely and I suggest you don’t blink for you not to miss how it was solved.

(Video courtesy of lucascube via Youtube)

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