Skeleton Puppet Nails Guns N’ Roses Performance

Posted by Clicker Dane on December 7, 2015

Guns N’ Roses is one of the greatest hard-rock band of all time. And this superb puppeteering is an ultimate throwback and we think its very cool.

The video taken by a commuter shows the guy manipulating his skeleton-looking puppet to the beat of “Welcome to the Jungle” of Guns N’ Roses. For straight 3 minutes, he was not bothered with the opening and closing doors, but is very focused on nailing the signature moves like it was real frontman.

The puppet was attached to a tripod, holding a guitar and has microphone on top to sing into. And of course, the bandana is perfect to complete the rocker looks.

Remember Axl Rose’s signature moves? No need to look it up, watch this video now and be amazed what incredible puppets can do.

(Video courtesy of Jason Brown via Youtube)

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