Mother Elephant Digs For 11 Hours and Her Reason Will Make You Teary Eyed

Posted by Clicker Dane on November 29, 2015

Elephants are said to be having a lot of characteristics close to humans. Aside from being smarter compared to other mammals, they also develop strong bond too mates and offspring and experience grief when they lose loved ones.

The mother elephant in the video exerts epic effort to save her baby stucked in the well. She attempted to dig the ground using her trunk and feet for 11 long hours. Unfortunately, the digging didn’t help as it pushes more mud into it. And as we can all see, she is desperate and trying very hard to get her baby into safety. :(

After being stucked from 9pm to 8am following day, few local helped to get baby out. It was heart warming to see then the baby being safe, the duo walking together and continuing their journey like nothing happened.

(Video courtesy of Caters TV via Youtube)

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