Mom Hears Son’s Heartbeat After His Death Is Now Unbelievably Possible

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 13, 2016

Technology just keeps on getting better as to what we consider as a miracle before is now unbelievably possible. Take the case of this mother who heard her son’s heartbeat even after his death.

A 4-year-old Jordan Drake spent her first few years of life inside the hospital due to her condition being born with a congenital heart defect. Doctors said in order for her to live, she needs a heart transplant. Flashback to June 2013, 7-month-old named Lukas Clark died. Lukas’ mom made the toughest decision of her life to donate her son’s organs. 3 years after, Lukas’ mom finally hears her son’s heartbeat inside Jordan’s healthy body.

It was an emotional moment for both moms to finally meet. Lukas’ mom made a brave decision to help those who are in need as death was inevitable for her precious son. Now, seeing the recipient child, we somehow feel what Lukas’ mom felt at that moment, her son continues to live inside of Jordan. On the other hand, Jordan’s mom couldn’t be any more grateful that there is one brave soul out there to look beyond the circumstance and is able to let go of what is most precious to a mother, her child’s life. Organ donations can’t be that scary after all if done for the right reasons and with right intentions. Would you be brave yourself?

(Video courtesy of CNN via Youtube)

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