How To Make a Kate Middleton Handbag Cake

Posted by Clicker Katrin on January 16, 2016

Meet Yolanda, the cake genius and the Duchess Of Cakebridge. Okay so she’s not really legit of a Duchess but as you watch this video, you might just want to agree. A handbag for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, ingeniously made with toffee vanilla cake, buttercream, and fondant!

Dedicated for her 34th birthday last January 9, Saturday. This cake is intricately made for the Duchess of Cambridge as she’s seen to always have the loveliest handbags wherever she is. The result is as beautiful as it tastes for sure.

Video warning: You might just want to have your daily dose of sweetness for the day! Enjoy!

(Video courtesy of How To Cake It via Youtube)

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