Heartwarming Prank: Men Disguised as Thugs Sang Christmas Carols

Posted by Clicker Dane on December 3, 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and its carols are playing everywhere. But when five ‘thugs’ knocked on your doors, you would not expect them to be singing these joyful melodies. This will melt your heart out and feel the spirit of this season of love and giving even more.

Looks can really be deceiving, residents seem somewhat hesitant and afraid looking at these heavy built group of men on the doors of their home. When they’re all dressed in black, bonnets, hoodies and blings, can’t blame them if they can only think of the worst things. Things start to change though, it became fun and heartwarming when the group started singing beautifully in acapella some familiar and iconic Christmas songs.

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(Video courtesy of MabeInAmerica via Youtube)

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