Finding Ne–Oopps! Finding Dory!

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 17, 2016

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Our favorite disney character is on theaters this year, again! But this time, it’s not Nemo that’s lost, it’s Dory! Now how can you find someone who forgets every single time? If Dory were a real person she’s akin to someone who has Alzheimer’s.

How can we not love Dory with her bubbly and highly positive attitude? I know I want to always be around someone who’s like that, even if I get to answer her questions over and over again. She’s just adorkable!

Maybe you can help find her, too? Post with a hashtag of #HaveYouSeenHer? to follow the quest on finding Dory. Have you seen the new trailer on Ellen’s show too?

(Video courtesy of Disney•Pixar via Youtube)

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