Every Mom Deserves To Embrace Each Moment

Posted by Clicker Katrin on April 10, 2016

People don’t stop being creative. If you think that you have lost all hope today, this video will make you think again. Even in the midst of seemingly hopeless situation, this blind mom is in for the surprise of her life.

Tatiana Guerra is a pregnant 30-year-old, she lost her sight at a young age of 17. Since then, you can imagine that all of her other senses sharpened as she lost the sense of sight. Now that she’s pregnant, a mother can only hope for her baby’s glorious features. A mother would always look forward for an ultrasound check-up as they get to see a glimpse of the baby, the features, those tiny hands and feet! But how about for blind mothers? Huggies surprised Tatiana with an unusual ultrasound.

What a sight to behold! A mother’s love is always unconditional and priceless. Every mom deserves to embrace each moment!

(Video courtesy of Thomas Raphael via Youtube)

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