Emoji Physical Wireless Keyboard for Emoji Lovers!

Posted by Clicker Jimji on November 11, 2015

Emoji originally started in Japan in 1998 or 1999 and the word emoji literally means “picture” for E, and “character” for Moji. Emoji have become increasingly popular since this was adopted by most of the mobile operating systems.

Using these colorful symbols is undeniably fun, and sometimes, for some, it’s become addictive. When using our computer seems dull without Emoji, we tend to pick up our phones just to make use of it.

Good news for Emoji lovers! Now we can enjoy using our favorite Emoji characters with an actual keyboard. The Emoji Keyboard is the world’s first physical wireless keyboard that gives you emoji superpowers! Now you can type your Emoji’s faster in just a press of button.

(Video courtesy of EmojiWorks via Youtube)

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