Do You Know How Many Times You Can Fold A Paper?

Posted by Clicker Katrin on April 28, 2016

Have you ever thought that you can fold paper endlessly? Because it’s just paper, right? Well unfortunately, there seems to be a limit on how many times can we fold a piece of paper.

Watch for yourself and see a bizarre phenomenon happen when we fold a paper more than seven times. In this video, a hydraulic press was used just so it could fold and straighten up the crease of the paper. The bizarre phenomenon at the end part, turning the paper into something like a soft stone or plastic has something to do with calcium carbonate that is one of the components of paper. Calcium carbonate is a mineral commonly found in corals and limestones. By folding the paper with the hydraulic press, it had too much pressure on the mineral that made it explode like a rock.

Don’t you find this interesting fact awesome? Fold on!

(Video courtesy of Hydraulic Press Channel via Youtube)

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