DIY Bubble Gum Lipstick is the Fruitiest

Posted by Clicker Yen on March 13, 2016

How would you react if your lipstick was made out of bubble gum? Crazy idea right? Well, not for Youtuber
Rachel Levin, a.k.a. Rclbeauty101.

After popping up a pink bubble gum, she saw that the it’s color would actually make a good lip tint. And so she searched over the internet for some tutorials on how to make bubble gum lipstick, but to no avail. She went with her gut and “scienced” that thing out and went DIY.

All you need is just gum, petroleum jelly, and food coloring (and perhaps your pet goat for some cheerleading).

Well, brilliant things do come from the most craziest ideas.

(Video courtesy of Rclbeauty101 via Youtube)

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