Celine Dion Performs Adele’s Hello at Her New Year’s Eve Concert

Posted by Clicker Jimji on January 6, 2016

Everybody just seems to love Adele’s “Hello” and making their own covers. And who doesn’t love the legendary singer Celine Dion? Imagine combining Hello and Celine Dion.

Fortunately, you don’t need to imagine that anymore. Our favorite superstar Celine Dion just had her own version of “Hello” as well. During her New Year’s Eve concert at The Colosseum at Las Vegas she surprised her fans with this special number.

Celine wasn’t even trying to have a better version than Adele. Obviously she just wanted to sing the song. It’s kind of a Celine Dion way of saying Happy New Year.

(Video courtesy of hesan2000 via Youtube)

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