Brothers Prank Little Sister of Zombie Outbreak—And It’s So Epic!

Posted by Clicker Yen on April 17, 2016

So you’re little sister, who you love so dearly, gets her wisdom tooth taken out. After being so high on medication, you decided to pull on an epic prank on her. What a perfect time to trick her, right?

This is exactly what these brothers—including their mum, apparently—did to their drugged-induced sister.

On their way home in the car, news broke that there was a viral outbreak happening around the area, with cases reported like high fever, nausea, and even cannibalism. Sound familiar? Yup, it looks like scenes from the first season of The Walking Dead.

Check out what how they made their sister believe that there was actually an outbreak, and what her reaction was after when they spilled the beans.

(Video courtesy of Cabot Phillips via YouTube)

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