Best friends Sneak into a Movie Theatre With One Ticket

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 14, 2016

For Bo & Matthew, it has been a lifelong friendship goal to sneak into a movie theatre in one set of clothing. Although it might be a friendship goal ticked from the list, a lot of people also mind their integrity as seen in this video.

Let’s be honest, these guys really did an effort there to look as if an obese person just walked into the room. For us behind the camera, we can obviously tell the difference but what happens in person is a question to be answered by the guy inside the ticket booth. Kids these days are really creative with their pranks.

It seemed that their connivance actually worked! But I don’t know if they’d go unnoticed by the authorities after this video went viral. I’m pretty sure they paid to where it’s due in the end.

(Video courtesy of Bo Johnson via Youtube)

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