Be Chillin’ Like A Boss With These Lizards!

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 16, 2016

There is nothing more accurate than these lizards be chillin’ like villains on one sunny afternoon in an outdoor cafe in Hollywood, California. What an accurate way to display Cali living, right folks? I bet you agree!

Now before judging these poor living creatures, here’s a little background on why they can pose as comfortably as that despite their nature. Their owner, Mr. Henry Schifberg, trained his pet lizards for over 30 years. According to him, lizards can be trained like this if they are not caged. His pet lizards are not scared and have a sense of calmness and trust that’s why they can do what they do. That’s Baby Love on the left and Buddy Love on the right, they also live with other large group of lizards in Mr. Henry’s home. I wonder what his other lizards could do too?

Well, with a solid 30 years of a master & pet relationship, I guess you can really establish rapport of that which your pets will really follow you if you’re a good master to them. Kudos to Mr. Henry for that!

(Video courtesy of Henry Schifberg via Youtube)

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