Baby Race in NBA Halftime is the Cutest Idea Ever!

Posted by Clicker Dane on November 19, 2015

After an intense game such as basketball, we all look forward to the entertainment during halftime to relieve the tension and enjoy some laughs. The whole experience wont be complete without it and that’s why this baby race is a perfect quick activity idea for audience to have fun.

In most recent game of Sacramento kings vs. Toronto Raptors, the home team has hosted a baby race, a well spent 70seconds I must say on their halftime. The rule is simple: the first baby to crawl and reach the end line is the winner. Aside from the cute babies trying very hard to crawl, it is also adorable to see their parents doing everything they can on the other end to cheer and keep them going.

Just like any other game, this race has shocking ending. Watch the video below and see for yourself who is the big winner.

(Video courtesy of Sacramento Kings via Youtube)

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