Awesome DIY Giant Gummy Energy Drink Might Be Mistaken As The Real Deal

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 13, 2016

This video shows us how to Do It Yourself a giant gummy energy drink, that is the Powerade Bottle. With a recipe that’s as easy as this, we are sure to find ourselves having gummy candies readily stored in our houses anytime!

With just an energy drink bottle, water, and gelatin, you’re good to go for your very own homemade gummy candy. I wish I knew this sooner though! Im sure my future kids will be happy about it and won’t treat energy drinks as medicines (as it often taste like one) anymore but take it in a fun way.

Would you like to do this in your kitchen yourself? Make sure to have fun experimenting with DIY gummy candies! The selection is limitless! Enjoy!

(Video courtesy of Fluff Berry Puff via Youtube)

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