Are you an Instagram Husband? This support group is for you.

Posted by Clicker Dane on December 12, 2015

They are united, ready to voice out and they are encouraging others to seek help. They are the Instagram Husbands. LOL.

If you are a designated photographer, part-time choreographer of “candid” shots, a commenter on each post and if you have tons of photos of your wife for Instagram than your own, you are welcome to join this group of brave men. This hilarious video chronicles story of exhausted husbands behind all the cute and perfect Instagram shots.

Getting impatient to eat photogenic food, lacking phone storage for photos, stopping in the middle of the street for #shofie; these are just few of their funny and relatable experiences in their lives. Share this video to your friends, to all Instagram husbands you know out there and long live to these real heroes behind the camera.

(Video courtesy of The Mystery Hour via Youtube)

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