An Aerial View Of The Recent Solar Eclipse Will Make You Wish To Fly

Posted by Clicker Katrin on April 10, 2016

They say that everything we go through in life is similar, it just depends on which perspective you take. Same goes to anything that happens to us while we’re here on earth, be it looking at fireworks on New Years Eve, celebrating birthdays, and witnessing the solar eclipse.. Why not?

Alaska Airlines consciously adjusted their Flight #870 bound for Honolulu last March 8, 2016 to let their passengers witness the solar eclipse above the skies! What a sight to behold! There’s truly an added excitement looking at it from where you are at and to witness the solar eclipse from up there is akin to looking at an ice cream server scooping your favorite flavor right before your eyes. Awesome level is beyond 100%!

So take a look on this video and see for yourself how does it feel like looking at a solar eclipse 35,000 ft above the ground!

(Video courtesy of Alaska Airlines via Youtube)

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