Amazing Portrait Made of 24-kilometer thread and 13,000 Nails

Posted by Clicker Jimji on March 28, 2016

We have seen a lot of ways to make a portrait. We’ve seen how different artists paint it, sketch, draw, etc. And we know the materials they use, water color and paint brush, pencil, crayons, and anything else that writes.

Today you’ll see a different kind of art to make an amazing portrait. Zenyk Palagniuk is not going to use the usual techniques in making a picture and he’s not even also going to use any of the materials that you just read above. A 24-kilometer thread, 13,000 nails, and a hammer is what he’ll need.

Well, maybe he needed a little help from a pencil for the outline but hang in there and see the outcome.

(Video courtesy of Entertainment YouTube)

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