Amazing Fact Why Alcohol Has A Burning Sensation When You Drink It

Posted by Clicker Katrin on January 27, 2016

What an amazing fact to know the reason behind the burning sensation that alcohol causes when we drink it. It is actually our own body’s way of saying you’re too hot to handle. You are undeniably hot. Not convinced?

This video explains all the science behind it so better watch it for yourself until the end. So the next time anybody tells you that you are nowhere near hot, just take a shot and remind yourself that you are. Kids, I don’t recommend this to you. Note that there are tipsy adults who “feel” hot even if they don’t look like it. You know why.

So as what this show says, “The next time you take a shot and your eyes start watering, just remember: it’s not the booze that’s hot. It’s you.” Drink responsibly and moderately.

(Video courtesy of SciShow via Youtube)

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