Adele Impersonates Herself and Surprises The Other Impersonators

Posted by Clicker Dane on November 23, 2015

Adele disguised and dressed up as an Adele impersonator to join a fake impersonation audition. Pretending as Jenny the nanny, Adele was able to meet and greet her avid impersonators and chat with them, including mocking Adele antics too.

What can we say, she was able to pull it off successfully. Aside from little bit of prosthetic, she was able to get a good cover by having a calm voice and a well-played stage fright scene.

No one suspected until she started singing her hit song “To Make You Feel My Love”.

They were all blown away and yes, turned emotional for a close and unexpected encounter with the singer.

(Video courtesy of BBC via Youtube)

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