A Century-Old Bridge Imploded Over Allegheny River, Pennsylvania

Posted by Clicker Katrin on March 16, 2016

You ever had that feeling of having all of your efforts just came crushing down altogether all of a sudden? Well, this video of the old Hulton Bridge in Western Pennsylvania might just give you the entire picture of it.

Here is a video of the 107-years-old Jonathon Hulton Bridge imploded last January 26 over the freezing Allegheny River. The reason behind it is because there is already a new existing bridge beside it. As sentimental people express their thoughts over it, a country must live up to its changes of constantly developing the economy and one example of that is repairing or replacing urban decay.

What are your thoughts on imploding of a century old bridge? Let this be a reminder to us that everything in this world is temporary and if one thing is destroyed, it is always replaced with a better one.

(Video courtesy of Associated Press via Youtube)

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